Augusta University Flag


Augusta University

Made at Wier/Stewart

Anyone who’s familiar with Augusta understands what the “A” represents, that’s why Wier / Stewart took the responsibility of creating this new brand mark very seriously.
The ‘Victory A’
As it is officially referred to, is the primary spirit mark for Augusta University. Its usage can cross over from community related spirit communications to athletics. It has been built to engage the Jaguar Nation and represent the fierce competitive spirit on the field, court and course. Over anything else this is a symbol of the future of the community and the great things they hope to do, together.
On a personal note:
It was incredibly fulfilling to have worked on this and see it move forward and be embraced by the community in such a big way. Seeing your design in the real world never gets old.
Great work to all the folks at Wier / Stewart
Skills Required
Typography, Branding, and Logo Design

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