Earth Fare

Since 1975 Earth Fare has been celebrating “Healthy food for everyone” by pioneering the Food Philosophy. This concept takes the same approach to their content as it exists on the web. The question needed to be asked, how can this same pioneering spirit be applied to the digital space?
Even further, how can technology be used to bridge the gap between the web, the store, and the field to help bring constant innovation around good food practices?
The intent of this concept is to act as a springboard for how conscientious businesses like Earth Fare can continue their stewardship with the utilization of technology as an asset around the communication of their values, locations of farms and their practices, real-time data around the healthiness of crops and produce, and how can IoT be used to understand more about our food before it ever makes it to the store.
I hope to continue working and researching around this project in the months to come in order to learn new technology and walk out ideas around applying design and tech to non-traditional spaces. If you have questions or comments, you can contact me by email

Skills Required
Visual Design and Prototyping

 prototype built with principle for mac
Earth Fare