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Rebuilding Confidence. Palmetto Prosthodontics has a strong opportunity to establish itself as a leader in the new market of Greenville, South Carolina based both on approachability and brand sophistication. Currently, none of the local competition communicates much in the way of professionalism, comfort or expertise. That said, we wanted to create a mark and system for Palmetto that would separate it from other Prosthodontics offices based on its merits: Complex problem solving and no-frills, professional care combined with a tone of approachability that would help put potential patients at ease. The result is an identity that is clean and friendly, yet stringently professional.
The web goals were aimed at creating a branded tool for education, engagement and communication. We are educating the community of new patients as to what prosthodontics is and how Palmetto does it differently by use of concise animation broken down into four easy to understand steps, it had to be an intuitive tool for easy engagement where the patient could easily contact the office for a routine or emergency visit, and had to be a place where Dr. Minton could communicate their level of pride for care and service.
Skills Required
Branding, Web Design, Illustration, Art Direction, and Web Content Strategy

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